"What does your holistic life look like? Sage Me Down is a platform that whole heartedly believes in holistic living. However, we understand that everyone's holistic life is different. We derive from the mind, body, and spirit beliefs. Essentially, it is important to deflect to the world your internal strengths. These three aspects that make up a divine being, emphasizes the balance needed to function in what we call life. Sage Me Down is geared toward helping creatives of color to heal. Although we focuses on healing the past traumas of creatives of color, we accept all allies who may learn from these sacred ways of healing and advocacy. Sage Me Down is a platform that teaches healing through the life experiences of Anii Cooper (the founder) who has gone through these awakenings, who is continually learning, and trying to help others in her community. Through, content creation, words of wisdom, and practice Sage Me Down continuously shares our holistic life with you."

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