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Sage Me Down was a vision founded by Anii Cooper, a multifaceted Creative Director, Healer, and Content Creator. From a young age, Anii had a very distinctive dream of inspiring others. She created Sage Me Down, a company geared toward helping you heal and transform your life. Here at Sage Me Down we focus on cultural inclusion and diversity, therefore we create a safe space for the unspoken, the unseen, and the unheard. Anii's passion lies in curating immersive experiences, bridging imagination with reality, while also creating safe havens for personal growth and transformation. Her content, steeped in holistic wisdom, inspires the soul. Sage Me Down is more than a business; it's a vibrant community where creatives connect, collaborate, and celebrate. 


Hand logo.png

Our Sage Me Down logo embodies a vision of unity. Two hands, one black and one brown, symbolize the spiritual practices passed down by people of color. These hands hold sage, representing mass healing and transformation. On top of the sage, an amethyst crystal signifies balance, harmony, and spiritual activation. The smoke forming 'Sage Me Down' sends a message of clarity, peace, love, light, and positivity to the universe. This logo was conceived by our founder, Anii Cooper, and brought to life by artist Nicholas Britton (AKA

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