Sage Me Down was a vision founded by Anii Cooper, a healer, content creator, and all around creative. She had a very distinctive dream of inspiring others. Posting on instagram daily and creating Youtube content is definitely fun but it wasn't enough to continue to stimulate the populations thoughts on the concepts of holistic living. Sage Me Down is an online publication that is also a safe space for creatives of color. It's called Sage Me Down because it is a space dedicated to self love, self care, and holistic living. Sage itself is a plant used for ages to clean the negative ions and toxins. When we say "Sage me down" we are asking our higher divine power to purify us, heal us, and fill us with good energy. This space will help you to heal yourself through your own transformative journey. This publication shares the tips, tricks and opinions for healing derived from the mind of Anii Cooper. Through writing, creative projects, photography, and more this platform will take you down a path of natural hair, skin care, wellness, culture, spirit, love, and community. 

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The first Sage Me Down logo was inspired by Anii Cooper's tattoo. She envisioned herself meditating in a magical garden, spiritually and physically naked. This vision took place during the time of her spiritual awakening. She believed it would be beautiful to have this tattoo as the logo for Sage Me Down because it embodied her healing journey and it would be significant for others to be inspired to go on their own transformation. This logo embodies what this space is all about. A space of magic, transformation, healing, awakening, and light. This logo was envisioned by our founder Anii Cooper and activated by tattoo artist Ying AKA @_yinkk

The second Sage Me Down logo came from a vision of unity. The two hands (one black and one brown) symbolizes the community of "creatives of color." The hands hold sage as it represents the mass healing and transformation. The crystal, "amethyst" sits on top of the sage because some of its benefits include balance, harmony, and spiritual activation. The smoke from the sage, spells out the words Sage Me Down as it gives a message to the universe of clarity, peace, love, light, and positivity. This logo was envisioned by our founder Anii Cooper and activated by artist Nicholas Britton AKA