of Color


A creative of color is someone of Black and Brown decent, that has the freedom to express themselves and heal the world through their gifts. These are the people who might have dealt with severe pain just to get to their art. These are the people who are usually under represented but need to be seen and heard. Sage Me Down's goal is to spread the word about all these divine beings, while building a community amongst us all.


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Are you a "Creative of color?" Are you always grinding and

hustling to promote your craft? SAGE ME DOWN is a platform to share your story and market yourself so that other creatives can see who you are and what you're about. The only stipulations to get promo from sage me down are:

  1. You have to love your craft!

  2. You want to inspire others   

  3. You incorporate the message of holistic

living within your craft  

(Self love, spirituality, wellness, love or etc.)

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