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Sage Me Down was a vision founded by Anii Cooper, an intuitive healer, content creator, and all around creative. From a young age, Anii was always intuitive, creative, and had a very distinctive dream of inspiring others. She knew her plan was to reach people in some way. She created Sage Me Down as a virtual safe space for people to unapologetically heal and evolve through their own spiritual journey. Being a woman of Afro-Caribbean descent, Anii always incorporates indigenous teachings, rituals, and practices into her own life experiences and into Sage Me Down.  

Anii Cooper was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Since a child, she had always been a social, empathetic, and creative person. These personality traits led Anii to gaining publicity through interviews, a NAACP young leadership award, an engaged social media following, viral YouTube videos, public speaking acknowledgment, winning dance competition titles, and more. Although these were great her intuition always led her to believe that there was more for her to do. She knew she could empower others like herself she just didn't know how yet.


When Anii started college in 2015, she decided to "Big Chop" her permed hair after naturally transitioning for 11 months. This sparked her curiosity about wellness and holistic practices aside from the traditional things she learned from her family. She began to stray away from social activity to dive deeper into her own personal journey. This part of her journey came with challenges and led to her decision to leave school and do something new like joining the U.S. NAVY. Joining the military was a very vital part of her journey because the challenges, experiences, and opportunities opted her to focus on herself and what truly interested her.

Since she was in such a different atmosphere then what she was use to, it sparked her curiosity about love. Love, in the sense of loving others but yet truly loving herself. She started to research spirituality, wellness, and overall holistic living. The more she learned, the more she became emotionally depressed and filled with anxiety about her current life choices. This made her realize her purpose to spread light and love to the world. 

This was one of the many reasons why she decided to honorably leave the military early. When she left the military she decided to move to Los Angeles (her dream place), making LA her second home. She had so much love for the city yet she was unprepared with no full plan on how to exude her dream of inspiring others. One day while at work she began to day dream of "Sage Me Down." She decided it would be a platform where she can share her creativity while also guiding people like herself on their own transformative journey. The rest was her-story, this idea has transformed her life giving her the opportunity to fulfill her purpose to create a free life, inspire others, and continue her journey of self-love, self-care, and holistic living.


  • Diviner (Intuitive healing & Tarot reading)

  • Professional dance

  • Photography 

  • Graphic design

  • Website design

  • Content Creation/ Creative Directing

  • Writing/Poetry

  • Communication studies and practices

  • Founder of Sage Me Down


  • Brooklyn High School of the Arts - Diploma in dance with honors 

  • Loyola Marymount University - Background in Communication Studies

  • Shaw Academy - Background in Crystal healing and Alternative Therapies


  • Founder of Sage Me Down

  • U.S. NAVY Veteran

  • Honored to receive the NAACP Young Leadership Award in 2014

  • Honored to dance with for the African United Nations

  • Shaw Academy - Background in Crystal healing and Alternative Therapies

  • Author of 2 e-books "The healing experience workbook" and "A beginners spiritual guide to branding"

  • Published in Black and Well's first Digital magazine 





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