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10 tips to get rid of bad vibes

Updated: Nov 17, 2018

Hey Anii Gang,

How are you guys doing today? I think that's first and foremost, this is a holistic website and I want to make sure that all of Anii gang is doing well and feeling good. For those of you not feeling great hopefully this can turn your day around...

I myself, I'm not feeling so good so I figured this is the perfect time to write this. A lot of times I get in a mood when I feel like things around me are hard, gloomy, hopeless or better yet stuck. The reason I'm sharing this with you guys right now is so you understand that I'm just like you and I get it.

I am usually posting good things, spreading positive energy and smiling, however, many who are close to me know that I am a person who has struggled with anxiety, depression, hormone imbalance, and suicidal thoughts. I haven't been through it all but I've been through a lot and I constantly have to figure out how to get back to balance. I may have my spurts of anxiety or slight depression here and there but for the most part I've gotten through it all and I believe so can all of you!

Sometimes it just takes the right steps to get back to feeling good. The other day I wrote an article on on self care. I believe that self care is the number one way to get back to being happy and feeling good. Although I shared my tips on self care on I wanted to expand on this concept of self care when it comes to boosting one's happiness. So here it goes...

Self care is one of the most fundamental priorities in life that most of us choose to neglect. The ideal of actually worrying about ourselves, what we need, and what makes us feel better could sometimes be a scary thought. When it’s not a scary thought it turns into pure laziness because we feel like everything else in our lives is more important than something to feel better like a bubble bath or spa treatment. A lot of times we put it off to the side because we feel it maybe selfish. This is actually one of the times you should be selfish! Tuh! If you ask me I’d say loving myself is more selfless because it is as important as breathing.

I created my holistic website to promote awareness for self love, self care, and holistic living. I believe that taking care of your mind body and soul shows an act of love. This is literally telling your body “Hey! I love you, I care about you, and I appreciate you.” There are multiple ways to show yourself you care you just have to be adamant about doing them.

When it comes to feeling better we must really tune into a frequency of happiness. We can reach this frequency by taking care of ourselves. So many people don’t know where to even begin but don’t worry I’ll show you "10 tips to get rid of bad vibes" through the practice of self care.


  1. Prayers, chanting and meditation: The perfect way to show yourself that you care is to take a minute, breathe, and thank the divine for your blessings even through your hardest times.

  2. Get active: Take out your stress by working out. I'm not a big advocate for the gym, running the treadmill or jogging. However, I am big for going to a dance class, dancing in my room, and doing yoga. The simplest thing like cleaning can even help improve your mood.

  3. Clean: A clear space is a clear mind frame. Sometimes visually seeing less will de-cloud your mind from all the chaos within your thoughts.

  4. Manifestation: Take time to manifest the positive things you want in your life and take time to focus on you.

  5. Focus on your senses: Your five senses are perfect ways to practice self love. Eat something nice like your favorite dessert or foods for taste. Light a candle or incense for smell.  Listen to a good frequency song for sound. Go outside and experience the beauty of nature for sight. Massage your body for touch. These practices will increase your self love tremendously.

  6. Take a bath: Spiritual baths are perfect ways to relax and debrief. Adding certain types of  herbs and oils act as a perfect recipe for a self love bath.

  7. Art: Take your negativity out within art. Writing a poem, creating a song, making a dance, or etc are big relievers and most time you come out with something amazing. Most of the greatest songs come from pain and struggle *Just saying*.

  8. Mantras: Repeat mantras out loud they automatically increase your vibrations. Words like “I love myself, I love the universe, I am thankful for my blessings, and I will continue to spread my love into the world.”

  9. Research: Look up videos, articles, and blogs like this one or “” to help you on your journey to self love. Remember knowledge is power.

  10. “Me-time”: Sometimes we get so crowded by people and their energy we forget to spend time with ourselves.

I hope all of these techniques and practices were helpful in order to improve your mood. I will continue to share my gems with you all as long as you stay connected with me. I post every Wednesday so make sure to mark it in your calendars and share it around to some people who may need it!

May love and light be onto you!

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