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A poem from the broken to the free...

Updated: Jun 2, 2020


I am finally free spiritually

yet you have confined me emotionally for the last time!

I can not hide from my feelings and it hinder's my spirit

I want to break the chains and shackles invisibly attached to me

please let me go, please let me fly!

love is calling me

self love is calling me

freedom is call me

I feel like im sinking and im fighting to get out

they yell that the chaos is coming

the chaos is coming!

the universe showed me that the world covers everyone trying to get to peace

However, the universe showed me all the people drowning and people fighting trying to get ahead

the universe showed me the divine at war

the universe showed me us, the humans at war

I couldn’t handle it I couldn’t fathom all that evil

I will choose to believe I can stop that evil

I will not be hindered

I don’t want heavy burdens I don’t want heavy hearts

I want to breathe I want to exhale all my emotions

My emotions, my mental, my body, my spirit and my soul must be in tact

otherwise im not intact

I have so much loving to do please don’t hinder that

I’ve found me I've fled free and I don’t wanna run backwards anymore

it's only forward from here

it's only up from here

dear you im done

dear you im happy

dear you i will not be depressed, dear you I will not be oppressed

dear you, you've helped build me

dear you, you've helped to tear me down

dear you i’m whole so lets end this letter here.


Signed the free...

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