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Broke for the holidays?

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Anii Cooper- Holiday photo

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So the holidays are right around the corner and everyone is scrambling to buy gifts because it has become apart of this big tradition that we've followed for years! Haha no not my birthday thats DECEMBER 20TH (J/K)... but we are talking about Christmas, Kwanza, Hanukah, and etc.

As a kid these holidays were so exciting because you knew you were getting a gift that you've been longing for. Although these holidays are for love, unity, holiday cards/photos (lol) and spirituality we all get caught up the gift giving frenzy. This gift giving frenzy can become very expensive especially when you aren't making 6 figures.

However, as kids we didn't realize this because we just wanted these gifts so bad. In addition, we didn't care how much it cost or what it took our loved ones to get them. Time fast forwards and as adults it's our turn to buy gifts so now we are all questioning "how did our parents make this work?"

Especially, for those of us who asked for electronics for the holidays.

Yes our parents were brilliant and essentially did what they could to give us the best holidays. (Go thank your family for all they did for the holidays I'm sure they'd appreciate it!)

I know there's a lot of you who still haven't gotten gifts yet or your pay will not allow you to splurge this year so I wanted to help find solutions to this gift problem especially when your pay is not matching the gift prices.

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  • Buy the gift in advance

  • Do a layaway plan

  • Do payment plans

  • Put the gift on your credit card and pay it monthly

  • DIY a gift (There are multiple ideas on pinterest and youtube)

  • Sell some old clothes or books to get money for a new gift

  • Instead of something fancy maybe get a gift card

  • Give a self help book as a gift

  • Do I owe you coupons as a gift EX: "I owe you a date, I owe you a cooked meal, I owe you an adventure"

  • Give gifts after the holidays when your paycheck is better, family and friends will appreciate your love and understand

  • Do temp jobs, sign up for Postmates, or Lyft

  • Use online coupon codes

  • Go on instagram/ Youtube and sign up for giveaways

  • Do combined gifts for couples, siblings, and best friends.

  • Cook for your family as a gift

  • Reuse gifts that you get

  • Suggest secret Santa within your family so you have to give one gift

  • Suggest a white elephant gift exchange so you just have to give one gift

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