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Creating your dream bath

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Photo by @Julianaaphotography

There's nothing like a good warm bath to wash away your troubles, to rejuvenate, and to relax you. Growing up as kids most of us were used to bubble baths with toy boats and rubber duckies. Now that we are older we are in the big leagues!

Most of you that follow me on instagram ( ) have been waiting for my bath secrets and recipes being that I would post a new bath every day. I'm sooooo sorry to have kept you waiting this long but now is better than never right?

Now I must warn you I am not one of those people who measures when they create baths, when they make drinks or even cook I just go by what feels right. So let your spirit guide you on the measurements.

In addition, I create these baths off of how I am feeling, things I research, or I expand on creative looking baths that I see. I am not a "bath specialist" so even though I use natural ingredients please be careful on what you use on your body and be mindful that all of our bodies are different.

Therefore, Let's begin....

My favorite bath recipes

The Goddess Bath

This bath is great for women who want to feel their true feminine energy while also restoring their PH balance. This bath can also be used as a spiritual bath.

- Rose petals

- 2 capfuls of apple cider vinegar (Not so much the smell will be overbearing)

- Lavender essential oil

- Chamomile essential oil

- Pink himalayan epson salt

- A tad bit of coconut oil

- A natural bubble bath soap

- 2 capfuls of Florida water

- Surround the tub with pink rose quartz and amethyst crystals

- Light some rose scented candles

- Optional (Pink natural bath bomb)

The Detox bath

This bath is great for any King or Queen trying to rid them selves of impurities, stress, and dead skin. All though this is a detox bath it also revitalizes so you're not left with dry skin. In addition, it smells amazing.

- A natural bubble bath soap

- Pink himalayan epson salt

- Almond oil

- Grapefruit essential oil

- Optional ( Orange natural bath bomb)

- Eucalyptus leaves and sliced grapefruit

- Surround the tub with citrine, tourmaline, and white clear quartz

- Light some citrus scented candles

The Sleeping beauty bath

This bath is great for relaxing right before bed. Be careful because this bath is so good you may fall asleep in the tub!

- A natural bubble bath soap

- Optional (purple natural bath bomb)

- Lavender plant

- Chamomile essential oil

- Honey

- Chamomile flowers

- Surround the tub with howlite and moonstone

- Light some vanilla scented candles

The Black excellence bath

This bath is great for glowing skin. It also smells incredible, the only way I knew how describe it is black excellence?

- A natural bubble bath soap

- Vanilla essential oil

- Rose essential oil

- Honey

- Oats

- Almond oil

- Sun flowers or various white rose petals

- Surround the tub with carnelian, jasper, and clear quartz

- Light some chocolate scented candles

Photo by @Julianaaphotography

You can create any type of bath you want just do your research, get creative, and figure out what works for you. I hope you enjoy my bath curations and if you do please come back and comment so I can know :)

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