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Eat better do better !

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

Hey Anii Gang,

My beautiful lover made me breakfast in bed to increase my vibrations. The breakfast included Mango, Honey Dew, Strawberries, Scrambled eggs with vegetables, organic honey glazed turkey, and my multivitamins/probiotics on the side.
Breakfast in Bed

So let me just start off by saying, I can go on and on about this topic so i'll try to keep myself from rambling. The more spiritual I get the more I learn about foods the more I start to preach about "The body." Our bodies are just vessels for our spirit and the more we take care of them our spirits will flourish!

Isn't strange that in almost every culture and religion they talk about pork being bad, eating fruit or bread, and giving up meat for fasting. This is not a coincidence! Don't you notice all the people who are becoming "woke" going pescatarian, vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free and etc. They are not saying they "woke" for no reason now.

Many of the foods we eat contain chemicals, hormones and so much other crap that just isn't right for us! Most people's excuse are "we are going to die anyways so who cares." Yes we all have our time to go but wouldn't you rather live longer and without sickness, disease, and pain? Wouldn't you rather have your skin glow, have healthy weight, hair grow and emotions be in tact? What we put in our body takes a toll on all of these things. Queens and Kings I'm not saying this to waste my time or to waste yours. I'm simply trying to get you guys on the same page so I can see you flourish.

Rose petal and Lavender water with a tuna sandwich

I am not perfect and my eating isn't perfect but I continue to cross harmless things off of my menu. March of 2016, I decided to stop eating red meat and drinking soda. This means I'm almost at my 2 year mark of discipline. Now I am working on cutting dairy out, eating less processed foods, less chicken, less turkey, more organic fruits and vegetables. I'm at a point where everything I buy for my home is dairy free, the snacks I eat are either fruits or sun flower seeds, I drink only water or natural juices, I eat chicken or turkey as luxury, and make sure I have at least a fruit and vegetable a day. I even went vegan for a few weeks!

It sounds like a lot but its pure discipline and choice. I am not forcing any of you to eat better, to be healthy or to live longer. I'm just sharing the paths you can take and how I got to where I am. SHOOT, you read this far, you must be ready to take your next steps to consciousness, wellness and healthy living. If you're not the time just isn't now but i'll be rooting for you in the future.

I got to where I am and to where I'm going by constant research. I am constantly watching videos, documentaries, looking up articles and etc. Seeing cows get slaughtered, pigs playing in their own sh***, vegetables getting sprayed with pesticides, and fruits getting cloned definitely showed me the path I needed to be on immediately. One thing that also stood out to me is how many conscious people gave up certain foods and in doing so they became more knowledgable, healthier, lighter, balanced, and happier. I seen how taking away a lot of the bad things we put in our bodies are acts of love.

Not only are you disregarding the crap they put in the foods you're disregarding the crap in your life. You are loving your self enough to pay attention to every part of you your mind, body and spirit. Eating better you become so much more balanced. Male and Female your hormones are intact, your brain becomes clear of its fog, your blood flows easier, your cells begin to normalize curing diseases/ sickness, and so much more. Don't believe me? Pick up a book or just open the next tab and search it. So many people thrive because of their wellness habits and eating is a big one!

Like I said it may be hard so start slow but start some where. Start looking at the stuff you eat, start reading the labels on your food, paying attention to the types of supermarkets you're going to (where is the food being grown) simply start seeing what you are taking in. If you have to do one vegan day a week, more water a day, no pork, no more junk food, or whatever it is start making your own list to cross off.

So many people get scared that eating better means spending more money, cooking more , and wasting time but like I said you create your own path.

When I shop I use the following tricks:

- "Shop on the outside of the supermarket first to get what you need." I get my basics first; fruits, vegetables, "dairy," meats, grains, and liquids. Everything else are things you don't necessarily need but want.

- Instead of regular supermarkets I try to shop at farmers markets because most of the food is local, natural, and organic. Not everyone has access to these types of markets so websites like grove or thrive market are perfect alternatives (Not sponsored).

- One thing that I used to stress were brands, not everything has to be a brand. Most foods are more expensive because of the brands but use the same ingredients as other brands.

- For meats, the more pounds the more expensive. The type of meat the more expensive hence slow down on meats!

- Grains and legumes last longer which instantly make them less expensive because you don't have to keep rebuying.

- Buy in bulk.

- Make your own products it may take a little bit more time but you save more money and have more or less of what you're making.

- Cooking at home is way cheaper than eating out (There are plenty tutorials on youtube on "How to make 15 min vegan food" and etc)

I hope these tips and tricks helped when it comes to eating better, shopping better and taking the necessary steps to wellness. I am still going just like so many other's out there in the world. You are not alone on this journey. Even if you have to ask family and friends to try it with you to see that you will succeed. I constantly tell my family and friends about wellness and sometimes they may not be right on board but because they love me they listen. All it takes is someone to listen in order to be curious to understand on their own. Eventually with discipline you guys can get on the right path together.

In Anii Gang we are all capable of change, we are all able to love ourselves, to grow, to flourish.

Click the video below if you want to see the first time I made a vegan meal.

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