How I met my Soulmate

Updated: Oct 5, 2018

Hey Anii Gang,

Sit back, relax and stay tuned for this short romance novel on how I met my soulmate...

A lot of you Queens and Kings, are trying to catch up on the transition period on my love life. I know my "past" could be very confusing on how I got to this point, but that's why I kept you updated on youtube, AKA "The tea on my love life." So go ahead and watch if you haven't and then resume the post.


So now that we got that part out of the way let't talk about the love of my life. So the story starts in 2017 at Brooklyn's: AfroPunk Festival. I go every year, I've been going since I was in High School. This year was one of my favorite years at AfroPunk because I met so many amazing people plus the vibes were unbelievable.

While at AfroPunk one of my best friends and I, Deeana were partying, getting groovy, lol you know the whole nine. As we were running to see Kaytranada we bumped into this amazing group of individuals who were dancing as they were running to the front. We grabbed them and said "You guys look fun, it may be easier to get to the front with a big group." We all agreed and started dancing our way closer to the front.

Now you may wonder how this is relevant to the story, well this same group that we danced with all throughout Kaytranada's set, we ended up staying with them the rest of the night and they later invited us to an after party. This after party is where I met my soulmate AKA "The Closet Poet" AKA "Dash."

Our whole AfroPunk group was turning out this after party at Putnam's Pub and Cooker. As we were dancing, getting our photos taken and just blatantly enjoying the night, I seen a girl walk in with a guy and another girl, the girl I noticed had big curly hair, It was Dash! My eyes instantly turned for two reasons; from the side she looked like someone I once knew and didn't want to run into but also because the closer she walked into the party I seen how beautiful she was.

So now guys I was on a mission to meet this girl. I had no intent on anything further especially because I was dealing with a bad breakup and still on my spiritual journey within myself. As I danced over in their direction I watched from the side. I was getting nervous to approach them so I walked over to the bar. Ironically Dash's friend followed me to the bar. "CA-CHING! This will lead me to his friend" I thought to myself. At the bar he asked me my name and what drink I would recommend since he just turned 21. I continued to engaged in conversation for about ten minutes and then sneakily asked "Who did you come here with?" He then pointed to his friends, I introduced him to Deeana and then walked over so I can meet his friends.

So I met his friends, which resulted in all the people I met that day engaging with each other, dancing together and just having fun. After the party ended we were all still hype from the amazing night, we were connecting and taking pictures.

The night couldn't end there and I couldn't end the night without knowing more about this Dash girl. So we waited around a little longer. I seen that Dash and her friends were looking for a train station so of course, as a Native New Yorker, I offered to walk them. We walked blocks looking for a train station, until I realized I haven't been to New York in a while now that I've been living in California. So instantly I pulled out my GPS, but at that point I realized I was bad at reading maps. Dash said she was good at reading maps so for only knowing this girl for like three hours I handed her my phone. Crazy Right? Yeah, I know.

As she guided us with the GPS, I whispered to Deeana something along the lines of "She has my phone, we are in there. Uggh she's so cute!" Deeana looked at me, laughed and rolled her eyes being that I had her walking around all day and she wanted to go home. But of course like a true friend, she was sticking it out because I was crushing hard (Thanks Deeana). The whole time this was happening Dash's friend was trying to talk to me. He even asked if we wanted to go over to their hotel to hang out. Little did he know I was interested in his friend but taking a train to Queens with people I don't know was too risky for me. Eventually I had to tell him that I wasn't into guys so he could get the point.

The boy joked it off and then tried to put me onto his other friend but I wasn't looking her way I was hoping this left an open invitation for me to learn more about Dash but she ignored me and started to tell a story about how her and her Ex were basically friends with benefits while they were figuring things out. YEP, that was a SLAP IN THE FACE! I literally didn't intend on anything moving further before but now I definitely had no chance! So after all this walking around, getting lost, and stoping at a Deli to get food, nothing happened except for Deeana telling me she was ready to go home.

At this point so were they so we all called Uber's to get home. There was no instagram/number exchange or nothing. It was a simple "It was so great meeting you guys get home safe" and thats all. I know after reading this you guys are probably pissed (so was I). Don't worry though this is just the beginning stay on the look out for the next part of how we got connected.

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