How I met my soulmate P2 * (Connected)

Hey Anii Gang,

Im so glad that you guys have been sticking around with me on sage me down to receive all these positive vibes and frequencies. Along with Self Care Sunday's when I post a new blog featuring the love and light I wanted to give you guys the rest of the tea on Dash and I getting together.

Now for those of you that are new please go back to my blog "How I met my soulmate" to get the beginning of the story so you're not lost!

So here we go let's get into it...

So I left off telling you guys how we got in the Uber and boom that was it. Literally that's how it went, and that's what makes our story so unique. We literally had no contact with each other all we had were the names "Dash" and "Anii."

Let me remind you guys Dash and I met at the after party of the Afro Punk Festival that took place in august 2017! Not only that, but we were both getting out of relationships at this time so I thought we would never reunite. However, y'all know that the universe always comes in clutch. After that day I was fully single, and working on myself. However, I was still in a weird transition of my relationship where I was still living in the same house with my Ex which made me feel of ever wanting to be with someone else. But ironically after one meeting I kept thinking about this "Dash" girl!

I would talk to all my friends about it, especially the ones who were there that night. We all searched long and hard to find some type of social media page for Dash. Crazy enough months later on 12/5/17 the friend Jay I met at Afro Punk found Dash's twitter and sent it to me!

I was so happy and I just couldn't understand why I was so excited about this girl after one time meeting her. I had a crush on her but I was still confused on some of my feelings and I didn't even know her fully to have such strong infatuation with her.

Instantly I Dm'd her and we started to talk about that night. I was surprised she remembered me so vividly.

You would think that's where our story begins right? But, NO! LOL

So right when we started to indulge in conversation her twitter was deactivated!

Again we didn't exchange any other contact or phone number, therefore, I lost her again! I was so sad because I created a nice friendship in only a couple of days online with a girl I could not stop thinking about since we met.

A month later in January of 2017, Dash writes me on twitter explaining how her account got deactivated. Instantly, I stepped up and asked her for her number so that I wouldn't lose her again. From that day forth it was constant calls, text, and FaceTime. We created a bond so strong and realized that all this time the universe waited for the right time for us to connect with one another.

This was all still friend vibes though because we were still healing from our past and addition to that we didn't let each other know we were crushing on one another. The more we talked and vibed we realize there was some real potential for something more.

A month after talking so frequently before expressing that we really like each other we told each other we loved each other. This was the start of something new! We continued working on our bond which later ended up with us taking trips to visit each other back and forth from New York and California.

The divine showed us that we were meant to be, we were soulmates. Everything that happened between us was magically. Personal things we experienced together was very divine and unexplainable. So many signs pushed us closer together.

Months pasted and in May 2018, Dash asked me to be her girlfriend. From there we began to have a long distance relationship. (Who would've thought, right?)

From our meeting, to then, until now she continuously makes me the happiest woman in the world. We took our long distance relationship to new levels and ended up moved to Los Angeles together in July 2018.

It is now 2019 and we are still transforming, growing, and vibrating together. I am grateful to have met my soulmate. I am grateful to have found someone who beliefs match mine in the aspects of love. I share my story not to gloat or to make others feel hopeless, but just the opposite. I want you all to take away from this the concept of hope. Every time I thought I would connect with this girl and just on a friendship level, we kept getting disconnected.

So many times people have their soulmates right in front of their face without acknowledging. Sometimes we walk past our soul mates and not even know. Sometimes we meet our soulmates at an after party, lose contact with them after one night, and think we are never going to see one another because we live on two different coast.

However, there is always a possibility to meet your soulmate; whether its a friend, lover, or stranger.

I want you all to have HOPE!

I believe this happened just so that we can reunite at the time we were supposed too. We are not perfect we are just to individuals who fell in love at first sight who are willing to grow with one another and to share our story with those who need to hear.

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