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How to avoid burnout!

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

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What does it mean to burnout?

It's the feeling of being overwhelmed. It's the feeling of total exhaustion and the utter feeling of extreme tiredness. Most of us become so focused and intuned that we can easily burnout. Whether you're in school, working, trying to run a business, or even trying to balance family and friends it can all get hard. In result, overworking you mind, body, and soul can definitely lead to burnout.

Why do we burnout so fast?

Burnout can come in many forms but the reason usually coincides with stress and exhaustion. This can happen if we don't give our selves enough time. It can happen if we work harder than we have too. Last but not least It can happen when we don't give our bodies the right care and attention that it needs.

So now, how do we avoid burnout?

- Take things one step at a time. There is no need to rush when time is an illusion, It's literally what you make it.

- Rest as much as you can before taking on anything big. When your body is well rested there is less of a chance of you getting exhausted.

- Take pauses so you can breathe and check in. Sometimes we are working so hard we forget to actively breathe and cool down.

- Try to be an active person within your everyday life. The more you physically take care of your body (your temple) the more energy you'll have in the long run.

- Make vitamins and herbs an essential part of your everyday life. For most of us, we are imperfect therefore, we don't eat or drink like we should. Most of us don't drink the suggested amount of water nor do we eat as clean and balanced as we should on an everyday basis. In order to gain that balance we must take vitamins and herbal supplements to prevent burnout.

- Find time before taking on something too big and get grounded. Ease yourself into a state of tranquility through things like meditation, burning sage, or even just walking outside in the sun.

There are multiple ways to burnout so get ahead of the game by taking multiple steps to prevent it.

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