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Mary Vs. Eve (Embracing your naked self)

Hey Anii Gang,


(DISCLAIMER: If you are opposed to art, sensuality, sex, nudity, or explicit content please do not enter. Also if you are not over the age of 18 please do not enter!)


Creative Director: Anii Cooper
Mary vs Eve: Photos taken by Dashlyn Johnson

I live in a body that has experienced so much. My body holds a spirit that has lived multiple lives. As divine beings we have multiple sides to us this is what keeps us balanced, this is what keeps us whole.

Creative Director: Anii Cooper
Mary vs Eve: Photo taken by Dashlyn Johnson

These past couple of months I've been having an obsession with nude art, playboy magazine photos, naked grunge and I couldn't understand why? I've also been having continuous visions of me in a dark room with purple/reddish lighting, while I'm bathing in a tub, with herbs, and in a white gown. I couldn't understand why?

Now I understand. This was my creativity trying to break free. This was another step into self love. This was the divine telling me to release and detach from society. This past week I was able to bring this vision to life. My lover and I staged our bathroom as a a photo op. We rearranged lights, turned on our diffusers, filled up our tub and got the camera ready.

Spiritual Bath made by Dashlyn Johnson
Mary vs Eve: Photo taken by Anii Cooper

This vision was very pertinent because it was also a full moon so when we staged this set-up we also used the right materials for a spiritual bath. We added our crystals, our little mix of oils and herbs, we lit candles, we said prayers, and sage'd the room. (If you guys want a tutorial on how I do my spiritual baths please comment below). This not only got me in the mood for photos but it made me feel happy it helped me get into character. When we were done, I looked at the pictures my lover took of me and the first thing that came to mind was vulnerability.

Creative Director: Anii Cooper
Mary vs Eve: Photo taken by Dashlyn Johnson

I was scared to share my self like this to the world. I had seen so many beautiful women posing but I've only had thoughts in my head of doing it. I used to be the girl who hated her body. I always thought I was so small, or because of my baby face I looked childish. I never imagine me as a woman, me being sensual or just flat out sexy. This was a big step for me because I learned that I had actually come to love my body. I felt reassured that I was finally portraying what I seen in all of those photos feminine art! This is where my mind created the idea of the "Mary vs Eve" series (Yes, Mary and Eve from the bible). Some may not see what I see, but I see it clearly. These are the sides of me.

In the bible, Mary, was known to be a good girl, a pure girl, and what we all know her as... a virgin. In the bible, Eve, was known to be the naked women, the wanderer, and what we all know her as... a sinner. The more I've grown spirituality I have learned I hold the power of the girl and the woman. You see when you do the math the virgin "Mary" was a girl and when you read the initial text God made a man and woman, a woman named "Eve".

Creative Director: Anii Cooper
Mary vs Eve: Photo taken by Dashlyn Johnson

This has stuck with me especially in the state of mind I'm in now. So here is where our discussion becomes a little more intense. This vision of me in the tub was executed as another transition for me. It's apart of another chapter of transition. This is my womanhood. This vision has come from my thoughts on sensuality, sexuality, and freedom of the spirit. See Mary was the virgin, the pure girl, the good girl and that's what I would portray day to day in my life. Most of us do portray this because most times we are scared to release our freedom. We are obedient and follow what is told within our society because any change is "strictly forbidden." This is why I admire Eve because although she may have been tempted she wasn't scared to try the "forbidden" fruit.

The battle starts here for me though, because when Eve bit that fruit this is when everyone started to feel like sexual freedom, nudity, and rebellion was wrong. They were casted out instead of admired. Our sensuality isn't suppose to be hidden. Our human bodies that were divine created, and that hold divine spirit, are not suppose to be gawked at, shamed, or ridiculed. They are suppose to be praised, loved, and admired as art.

Creative Director: Anii Cooper
Mary vs Eve: Photo taken by Dashlyn Johnson

When I seen those photos of my self I seen a baptism. I seen Mary intertwining with Eve. I cleansed my body of the unholy thoughts of shame, ridicule, and societal standards. I opened my heart to receive the thoughts of love, sensuality, femininity, and expression.

I learned and re-realized a lot through these photos. I learned that it is ok to love my body. I re-realized It's ok to love whoever I choose to love without there being labels on my sexuality. It's ok to express myself creatively. It is ok to show my art to the world. I can be vulnerable, and this is in all aspects of my life ! Many of you may be thinking "Anii what are you talking about? We except you, this isn't too much, and these photos are beautiful!" Some people beg to differ, just like the original fearful thoughts in my head did: "What would my family think? What would my friends say? Would people think Im being slutty or would they get the message?" See all of these thoughts would run through my head but I now realize this is all for me, no one else. My time on earth is spent for me. I have the free will to do with it what I choose. Now is my time to show that, to show the visuals in my head, To show my versions of art. Now I know this is my beauty, my real beauty.

Creative Director: Anii Cooper
Mary vs Eve: Photo taken by Dashlyn Johnson

I've been seeing so many beautiful photos of nudity and I just wanted to write this piece to let all of you know, no matter how weird, no matter your size or shape, no matter how awkward please remember to love you and embrace it. Your body is your temple treat is as such. Treat it as it is a delicate piece of art.


"The words of Anii Cooper"

  • Baptized in the solutions of my own water. Cleansed by the purity of my own soul. God blesses me, the universe is my guide. We are all one unit, we create we conquer we love. This is my baptism this is my pledge to live my life by my own rules. I live by love, I live by reflection, I live by creation, I live by inspiration, I live by the divine.

  • She lived a pure life with good intentions living every day by love, living every day to help others. She also lived a life of “sin” a life of pleasure a life of freedom and rebellion. She was dressed in white as she bit the Apple...

  • The thoughts linger in my head... they replay over and over again. I love my self, I love my awakening,I have grown in purity, and I am Mary. My spirituality has brought me to love my body, to love my freedom, and to express myself. However, will the people no longer see Mary? They may see Eve as I indulge in god given freedom that looks like sin. Who am I? What do I do?I am free! I believe in my sensuality, I believe in my love,I am a women, I am Mary, and I am Eve!

  • The arch in her back, the wildness of her hair she is feminine yet a beast. She is a women. That women has traveled into many dimensions feeling, embracing, and giving all types of love. She is sweet, yet she is sour, she is the spirit yet she is the sun, she is Mary and she is Eve.

If you guys loved this piece or this series please give me feedback in the comments below...
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