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Millennials are changing the world!

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

So I want you guys to think about this scenario and see if you can relate. You’re sitting in the living room with your family however, you’re on your phone. Your older relatives keep complaining about how “these millennials are always on their phone.” In addition, to that complaint they are telling each other about their stressful week at work. However, that whole time they were complaining you were actually googling something along the lines of how to start a business, how to be successful, how to work at a job that makes you happy or etc.

Millennials constantly get knocked down all the time, however older generations have failed to realize we are changing the world one step at a time. We are constantly changing the world to be more creative, ambitious, and conscious.

Many times, older generation can't understand how we are so rebellious against this socially constructed world. Due to traditional cycles they expect for us to follow a certain system or set of socially constructed rules.

We know better than that we are able to create new paths on a daily basis. We are able to create changes that we want to see. We know that there is more to life than following a system. We are a generation were most of believe in eternal happiness and won't stop until we reach that. This is in all aspects; friends, family, career, power and success.

Think about it: We are the quickest generation to quit their jobs because we want to be happy while pursuing our dreams. In this day in age, most of us are more interested in becoming our own boss.

Just to name a few if you're stumped:

- Anii Cooper: Sage me down

- Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook

- David Karp: Tumblr

- Mike Kreiger & Kevin Systrom: Instagram

- Brian Chesky: AirBnB

- John Zimmer- Lyft

And the list goes on...

Movie money gif- I don't own this photo

This ambition comes from us being very conscious. We grew up in the age of media.

We constantly see falsified news which has made us so transparent. This leads to us digging for the truth. This leads to passionate beliefs. Now everything has become accessible. We can research anything we want and their will be some sort of answer.

That's how most of us found out about spiritual consciousness and broke out of organized religions or cultural spirituality. We were able to ascend just by learning about our roots from the internet. It intrigued a lot of us to question basic beliefs, to read more religious text, to meditate, to focus on self, to create a positive inner body to match the positive images we portray and so much more.

Black lives matter protest- I do not own this photo

To be honest compared to older generation millennials are perceived as more "woke." We may not have all the wisdom in the world due to the amount of years on the earth but we are constantly striving to make up for what we don't know. We also stand up for what we believe in which when you think about it's a generational cycle from our ancestors. We are reliving the times of all the great movements just in a different way. It has even been reported that the younger generations have the most attendance at political marches and protest. It's sad that we have to protest for all these horrible things like Black lives matter, women equality, and things like a terrible presidency, but, we are constantly creating history.

We were born in a time of transcendence, change, and transformation. That is what makes us so different. We are literally changing the world!

So I hope the next time you hear someone use the phrase “those millennials” you have enough knowledge to back us up. I want y'all to understand the importance of the millennial generation and how we are helping society evolve even through the backlash we constantly receive.

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