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Minimize & Purge | How to clean your mind body and soul!

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Patrick sweeping - I do not own the rights to this image

So as you read from the title today I am going to guide you on “How to clean your mind, body, and soul.” Everyone always want to reach this high level of enlightenment and it takes hard work to actually get there, however, when you divide everything into steps it becomes something so simple to do like cleaning up. (Well maybe not as simple as cleaning up like Patrick over there but something like that!)

What do I mean by cleaning?

Purge- I do not own the rights to this image

When I say cleaning I mean “LET THE PURGE BEGIN!” Think of it this way how are you going to pack new things in a box of old stuff when the box is already full? You can’t ! You must empty this box of old stuff to make room for the new. So it’s the same concept with your mind body and soul. If you’re able to cleanse your temple you’re able to unlock your true potential. You’re able to make room for new knowledge, new connections, and new unimaginable sequences of events.

I’ve been studying the concept of minimalism for years. I am not perfect and I tend to get more attachment than achievement at times but I continue to study this journey because it makes so much sense to me. Like come on having less to live more, sounds amazing don’t you think? Every time I research minimalism, purging, and cleaning I feel they always talk about throwing out your clothes, having 33 things, minimizing your waste and etc etc etc. I feel like so much is missing from this though ? I feel like in order to become a minimalist, in order to prepare for anything, it all comes from your mind, body, and soul first!

Basically in trendy terms: “Clear out the BullS*** so you can be spiritual and WOKE to enjoy a fruitful life.”

Key and Peele- I do not own the rights to this image

So let's break it down into mind, body, and soul...


  • Organize your environment: When you visually see a clear space you’re able to organize everything in front of you easier without feeling cluttered. Yes, you now have a clear mind.

  • Organize your thoughts: When you literally take the time to write down everything on paper you’re able to tackle problems and situations in order to again have a clear mind.

  • Stop filling your mind with crap: Ratchet tv shows and twerking videos aren’t exactly the best tools to get your mind ready for this new way of life.

  • Create a morning and night routine: By creating a routine you start to feel a sense of stability, you feel like you’re getting things done, and by being proficient and productive you are able to create happiness.


  • Eat clean foods: Eating greasy junk foods literally makes you feel heavy. Let alone the stuff that is put in foods now a days disrupt our bodies natural order.

  • Smile and hug more: You know how you see those weird ladies walking down the street smiling looking like snow white and you’re like what’s their deal? Yeah these ladies are probably happy, spiritual, and awaken . By smiling and hugging you don’t only feel clean like you’re on cloud 9 but you emit that energy onto others.

  • Breathe clean air: Turn on a humidifier or oil diffuser, get some plants, and/or open the windows. Clean air is essential to breathing and by controlling your breathe you have developed the power to control your body in order to be free enough for anything that you want to be free for.

  • Drink more water: Drinking water is the simple solution to so much. I know we drink like two bottles of water a day and we feel like we are fulfilled but having the actual right amount of water is essential for our health. When you’re clean and healthy your behaviors, open-mindness, creativity, and body are flourishing!

  • Detox your body - This is the box analogy, how are you going to pack new greatness into the old? Detox with tea, vegan meal challenges, social media, etc just DETOX, DETOX, DETOX!


  • Purge your things: Get rid of things that don’t make you feel happy. Whether it’s people who are good for you, things that are damaged, clothes that don’t fit, or even philosophies you don’t use anymore. Clear these things out and trust me your soul will thank you!

  • Forgive people and admit your mistakes: You are not perfect and letting go of dead weight is essential to feeling clean. If you want to be pure, knowledgeable and awakened you have to cleanse the darkness in your heart.

  • Kill negative energy: Use smudge sticks like sage, palo santo, floral bundles to get rid of negative ions around and within you.

  • Breathe: Take time out of your day whether you’re sitting or standing to close your eyes and to simply breathe. So many times we forget to take deep a breath, this deep breathe will release anything attached to us. This will help our souls to be continuous.

I hope this helped you prepare for your journey of enlightenment. I know you're not all the way there yet and thats OK. I have so much content for you guys to get you where you need to be.

Meditation- I do not own the rights to this image

P.S.- If you have any request please comment below and if you're looking to collaborate or work hit up the connect page to reach me. Peace, love and light to you all !

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