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Stop living to WORK! Just work to LIVE!

Hey Anii gang,

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The black panther party

For so many years, generation after generation the black community continues to deal with the dilemma of living to work. We were put in a system that has failed us time and time again. Throughout history, this has forced us to be go-getters. Being a go-getter can sometimes be a blessing and a curse because we end up grinding so hard we forget to LIVE!

What do I mean by this?

Constant strenuous work to pay bills, student loans, car notes and etc. However, many people in the black community don’t have over $200,000 in savings, has not been able to travel the world, or even something as “simple” as own a home. Not to say that you need all these things but if you’re working 1-5 jobs (especially a job you're unhappy with) and you see only $100-$500 extra of that check something is wrong. You're barely living and now it’s time to change your circumstance.

I am not a millionaire nor do I even have $200,000 in savings but I am willing to work hard to change my circumstance. In 2016, at 19 years old I was able to buy my first car and apartment. In 2017, I was so happy that I was able to pay off all my credit card debt and save a good amount of money for my lifestyle. Although this sounds amazing, things didn’t stay that way for me, for long. Unfortunately, after paying all of that debt I had a huge life change that lead me back into debt. I had to use all my savings, and my credit cards just to live and this hurt me and my finances heavily.

Many people who know me or have supported and followed me through my journey know that I started off in multiple job fields; retail, dance, student, military, and now business owner ( So I have endured multiple different financial changes. I know that most of you have endured many financial changes as well and if you’re reading this post I know you have big plans and big dreams.

So now you’re probably asking…” Anii how do we change our circumstance, how do we work to live and not live to work?”

  • I repeat this to myself and so should you, “I know I am not my situation. I know this is not the end for me.”

  • I write down my aspirations

  • I give my self end dates to my accomplishments

  • I research books, articles, and videos on saving, paying debt, budgeting and financial abundance

  • I attract great people in my circle who want better for themselves, especially when it comes to working for themselves or at a better job

  • I protect my energy and manifest carefully

  • I give gratitude to GOD/ the DIVINE/ the universe

  • I download saving and budgeting apps

  • I go to business networking events

  • I join, follow, and subscribe to business groups on social media

  • I join, follow, and subscribe to people who are where I want to be financially

  • I look up the cost for things I want like a car, home, a vacation, and etc this way I know what I want to budget for

  • When I am at a job I am unhappy at no matter how stable I start actively applying for interviews or look up ways I can freelance while grinding

  • I try my hardest not to let work consume my personal life whether it's conversations, emails, or the people I work with

  • I try to balance my social life even it means going out late (I still need time for my family, friends, and events)

  • I make time for myself whether its meditation, tv, reading, or working on Sage me down.

  • I wear crystals for protection of my energy at work so I am not dealing with unnecessary problems

I know that this is a long list but I can 99.9% guarantee this has given you a new outlook or has given you some insightful information. I have changed my circumstance before and I can do it again. I solely believe that these things have helped me in the past and it can not only help me in the future but, help you all as well.

Manifestation: I just launched my business and I plan to have a business that’s thriving. I plan to be my own boss FULL time and be able to be a millionaire by the time Im 25 years old (hopefully earlier than that). So by 25 when it happens everyone just screenshot this post to me for a reminder of my humbling beginnings!

I’ve seen so many people in my age group doing amazing by not letting the system confine them. I've seen so many young people breaking generation cycles and it's a beautiful thing to see. As spiritual as I am I know that now is the best time. “NOW” is always the best time! We have no time to waste, we have no time to sit in our situations and feel like this is all we can do. As black people, as people of color we have the power to thrive! Back in the day we were feared because of our strength, our physique, our intelligence, and our beauty, so we just have to unlock that. It’s about unlocking our potential.

I don’t know about you guys but I don’t want to be 80 years old still working a 9-5 job, working for someone else, not being able to see the world, working paycheck to paycheck and being unhappy. Don't get confused by what I'm saying now because working a 9-5 cooperate job is not bad as long as YOU ARE HAPPY! I refuse to live my life unhappy in anything I do.

As for me personally I am a creative who needs to be and will be her own boss. I was not born into this world to be a slave, I will not carry on to be a slave and I will not die a slave. I know most of you feel me on this, well at least I hope y’all do. We must be happy in any job we do; physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. No job should run you rugged. Every aspect is important so remember "Stop living to work! Just work to live!"

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