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The long awaited "Skin Care Routine"

Updated: Nov 17, 2018

Hey Anii Gang,

Here's the secrets to my glowy skin.
Glowy dwey skin

I KNOW, I KNOW! All of you that follow me on instagram are like "What the freak Anii, you promised us a skin care routine a long time ago!" I can explain, the way my camera is set up and the way my memory card got stuck in my laptop.. *Kevin hart voice*. No but in all seriousness I have been having technical difficulties with my youtube equipment so I feel it's only right to bring you guys a post on the secrets of my skin.

A lot of you guys compliment me on my skin being clear or glowy but trust me that's not always the case. My skin definitely fluctuates. The first step about skin care is knowing your skin type and what your skin loves. My skin type is sensitive and oily. This actually makes my skin more acne proned. When I was in my teenager years I used to go to the dermatologist often to take care of my psoriasis rosacea. This is a form of acne that comes off very red (it basically looks like a irritated heat rash on your face). This is why keeping my skin glowy and clear takes a little more effort.

Depending on your skin type it'll be easier to figure out how to take care of your skin. Here are the most common skin types and some frequent characteristics.

- Oily Skin: Over produces oils

  1. Visible pores

  2. Oily

  3. More vulnerable to Acne

- Combination Skin: mixed skin types

  1. Oily T-zone

  2. Dry cheeks

  3. Some impurities (minor blemishes and acne)

- Dry Skin: Lacks moisture

  1. Doesn't retain moisture

  2. Tight or firm

  3. Sometimes cracks, itches, or feels itchy

  4. Rough

- Normal Skin : Balanced

  1. Smooth

  2. Soft

  3. No blemishes

  4. Fine pores

What type of skin type are you?

So now that you know your skin type we can move onto the second step, building a routine that works best for you. I used to spend so much time looking up skin routines (probably like most of you right now) However, I used those as my basis to figure out what my skin really likes. Through my research I learned that the most prominent skin care routine that works for almost all skin types is "The 10 step Korean skin care routine."

I don't follow this skin routine to the T but I use it to formulate my own. Another thing that works best for mostly every skin type are natural products. The more natural the better. Make sure to read what you're using on your body. A lot of skin care products contain things like; sulfates, chemicals, steroids, and so many other things that are unhealthy for your skin! So once you have your routine filled with natural products you're good to go. So I know you guys may need help on what to use and how to apply the products, so down below I wrote down the steps to my routine. Underneath each step I also made a list of my favorite products thats I use and often interchange.

So here is a step by step of my skin care routine (Not Sponsored, However I provided some links to help you find some of the products I use):

Blog coming on this scrub soon
DIY Sugar Scrub

Oil Cleanse:

- "Like things remove like things" cleansing your face with oil to remove dirt and things like makeup makes it easier to clean your face.

  1. Avocado Oil

  2. Coconut oil

Purity Cleanse:

- Doing a purity cleanse is necessary to remove everything you missed from the oil and to remove the oil so it doesn't clog your pores.

  1. Dr. Bronner's Baby Castor oil soap

  2. African Black Soap

  3. Natural Honey and Oats soap hand made from co-op markets


- After cleaning your face you must exfoliate to get rid of all the dead skin cells.

  1. My DIY Sugar scrub ( Blog coming soon)

  2. Shea Moisture African Black Soap face scrub

  3. Sabon body scrub

Face Mask (Optional):

- Sometimes after cleaning and exfoliating our faces need some more love so face mask are ideal especially when we need some pampering.

  1. Shea Moisture African Black soap mud mask

  2. Indian Healing clay mask

  3. Aloe Vera Charcoal Mask


- After the main cleansing process we must rejuvenate our skin. Toner helps us with discoloration, impurities, and additional oils.

  1. Cucumber Witch Hazel

  2. Rose Petal Witch Hazel


- In order to get smooth and glowy skin we must hydrate our skin. Are bodies, our hair, our skin and spirits are like plants we must constantly water them to see them grow, glow, and flourish.

  1. Rose Water


- Last but not least after cleansing, rejuvenating, and hydrating we must seal every thing we just did with moisture.

  1. Shea Butter

  2. Avocado oil

  3. Castor oil

  4. Rose hip seed oil

  5. Shea moisture African black soap moisturizer

Lol so after writing this long thought out post my missing files decided to show up and I managed to get my memory card out of my laptop what do you know?

I hope this routine was helpful, If you guys have any more questions please comment below.
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