Things to do before 2019!

Hey Anii Gang,

First off I want to thank all of you who've been rocking with me all of 2018! You guys are really amazing and you're highly appreciated. You guys keep coming back to read my post, you share them with your friends and family, you guys do your amazon shopping through my shop, and you continuously help me with feedback. These things really push me to move forward so I can continue to make great content for you all.

Can you believe it's already been almost two months since I've created Sage me down? Time really flew and I'm glad you all could be apart of it. I have been able to write for two blogs, write for one magazine, I did my first natural hair products giveaway with sage me down, and most importantly, I have seen so much success from being able to reach so many people. Helping you all has helped me with so many things I've been going through and it continuously makes me happy to share my knowledge with you all.

Things have been very transformative, yet fulfilling and I just aim to keep improving. Guys we've achieved so much in only two months and now I'm looking forward to what next year will bring us! Although I am happy to get a new start, January 1st is just a new day so the hard work starts now. Before that ball drops and we all yell "Happy new years!" We have to get things right to get in the spirit of new beginnings, improvement, and realistic goals.

Coming to america: Happy New year

So here is my list of things to do before 2019...

  • Clean & Purge: Get rid of anything old, stained, ripped, and that doesn't bring happiness. Start prepping for the new! (A great book that helps with this is "The life- changing magic of tidying up... click the image to get more info)

  • After cleaning start doing some spiritual cleaning. Think about how you acted this year. Here is a challenge I'm giving you; write down 10 acts of kindness you did this year and if you feel it's tough to make then start a new list for the new year that you can fill in as you go. Use the #SAGEMEDOWN and tag @Aniicooper on your social media accounts so I can see your progress.

  • Get rid of negative ions: Get to smudging your house with things like sage or palo santo to clear your home of old and negative energy. (Click the image to get more info on the smudge stick set I found for you guys)

  • Meditate and manifest: Start meditating and manifesting on the positivity you want for the new year.

  • Plan the prep : Make a list of things you want to achieve before the new years comes.

  • Reflect: Look at old goals, new year resolutions, and vision boards. Did you achieve anything you said you would? If you didn't add those ideas to your list for 2019 with actual solutions to get there.

  • "New years resolutions": Write down the things you want to achieve for the new year. People please be realistic, if you put work out on your list every year and you haven't hit the gym maybe switch it with something more realistic like sign up for a work out class or eat better, then work from there.

  • Make budget plans: Planning ways to make your finances better for the new year, especially if you get bonuses and great tax refunds this could be a great way to kick off the new year.

Hip hop: Money
  • Do some overtime: Putting over time into your day job for extra funds so you can enjoy a new start later on can be very beneficial.

  • Hustle: You did overtime on your day job now write down ways you can turn your side hustle that you love into your day job.

  • Relax: Remember to relax and clear your mind before the new year. A clear mind is always a great start to something new.

  • Detox: Start detoxing your skin and body from now so you can feel clean for the new year.


Great Gatsby "Happy New Year"

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