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Welcome to "SAGE ME DOWN"

Updated: Oct 8, 2018


The Concrete Jungle series|Photo taken by: Joe Robertson

Welcome everyone to "SAGE ME DOWN." This online publication is a big stepping stone for me as a creative. I'm exciting for you guys to endure this journey with me. My goal is to inspire, to motivate, and to create.

Many of you have been apart of "Anii Gang" for some years now and while posting on instagram daily and creating Youtube content is definitely fun... it's not enough to continue to stimulate the populations thoughts on the concepts of holistically living.

I created SAGE ME DOWN as a safe space for creatives of color. This is a space that shares the tips, tricks and opinions derived from yours truly. Not only that you guys will have a way to connect with me, I am a business woman. Whether it's modeling, instagram consulting/coordinating, or maybe even creative directing this is the perfect platform to do so. Nothing here will be perfect nor constructed to fit societal norms, shoot I probably have missing punctuations and wrong grammar all through this website but "WHO CARES!" The more I grow as a business woman maybe that'll change but for now this is my business. This space signifies freedom, it signifies the RAW and the REAL .

I'm ready to take you guys down a path of Natural hair, Skin care, Wellness, Culture, Spirit and Love.


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