What's a healthy relationship?

If you're like myself you've endured many different types of relationships, loves, and partners. However, knowing what's the right type of relationship for you is very important. For some of you you're looking for the perfect relationship or some of you maybe trying to take it to the next level with the partner you have now.

To be quite honest here, I am not a licensed love expert, I am not perfect, and nor am I here to preach to you because I'm living in a fairytale. However, my credibility comes from my experience from my past/current relationships . I've dealt with happy relationships, toxic relationships, abusive relationships, long distance relationships, age difference relationships and more so I think I've had my fair share to get deeper into this topic.

There are certain things that I learned over the years that I now know to make a healthy and hopefully long lasting relationship. I hope you all use these tips to strengthen or find the right relationship for you.


We reside in a physical world and most of us know that there is so much more to life. In a relationship knowing that you and your partner's spirit is intact and flowing makes a difference in how you interact. In rare cases couples make it work with different spiritual paths, however, it can be very hard. Your spirit is your divinity, it's what makes you, you so really engaging with your partner spiritually will help you to be synced with your lover beyond what you now know and feel.


We've heard this so many times, "Communication is key!" So many of us know this yet we fail to follow by it. Communication is the act of listening and receiving whether it be verbal or non-verbal. When you're able to communicate with your partner this helps deeply with conflict solution, the amount of stress you deal with, your wants/needs, and your feelings. Communication wasn't just a made up trait it's something that we need in every day life just to understand and connect with one another. Communication is what keeps the relationship going healthy.


People often forget that relationships are partnerships. There is no longer an "I" but a "We." You must work together to make the relationship proper. This partnership comes in many forms such as friendship, a new found family, a life partnership, a soulmate-ship, and so much more. This is a true bond that connects your love not only intimately, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, but also physically.


The reason why so many people have a hard time with relationships other than what I mentioned above is commitment. Commitment can be viewed multiple ways depending on the type of relationship you have, but when I say commitment in relationship I mean the simple action of being dedicated to each other and what you'll continue to build. Stick to the bonds you've built and keep that honor because of the love you have for one another.

Aspirations/ Goals

When having a healthy relationship you must secure the foundation in order to grow. When building from your foundation you must know what your building towards. Having healthy talks about financial goals, career goals, family goals, plans, wants, and needs will set the tone for the relationship to make sure you're on the same page.


Language in a relationship is a make or break of a healthy relationship and this indefinitely changed my life. How you talk to each other on a consistent basis shows the type of language your relationship uses. Angry language shows more of a toxic relationship rather than soft happy language. To find a good language for your relationship you must find out your individual language. One book I recommend to find your individual love language is the "5 love languages"by Gary Chapman. When you and your partner figures out your individual love language you're able to understand the other better which leads to a healthier relationship.


Trust is one of the biggest parts of a healthy relationship that is most notable. We all heard the saying "Without trust we have nothing." I couldn't agree more with this statement. It can be really hard for some to be vulnerable and to be transparent with their partner but it's extremely important for a healthy relationship. No relationship should be based on lies especially seeing that the dark always comes to light.

Thank you for reading this blog today on Sage me down Sunday's. I hope you all enjoyed the blog today and I hope all these tips help you along your love journey.

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