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Black Sage (Mugsworth) "Dreamers Smudge Stick"

Black Sage (Mugsworth) "Dreamers Smudge Stick"

Black Sage Smudge Stick, hand tied and blessed!


Mugwort, also known as Black Sage, has a wonderful highly aromatic sweet herbal smell, and can be burned for many spiritual cleansing and blessing purposes. It is believed to drive out evil spirits and negative energy as well as assisting with meditation. The color of the leaves can change with the seasons so do expect some variation from batch to batch – this is very normal. Burned in the evening the material is believed to encourage both a restful sleep and plentiful dreams.


Please read shipping information to learn about how your item is being blessed in a Sage Me Down ceremony before being sent. 


Please read smudging information to learn proper uses and precautions. 


Smudging ceremonies using Herbs, Resins, Palo Santo Wood and incense are a custom of many indigenous cultures throughout the world, including indigenous peoples. Traditionally used in rituals, ceremonies and for spiritual purification, house blessings and spiritual cleansing. The smoke is believed by many to cleanse either a space or the body and aura, drive away negative energy and help reconnect with mother earth. Make sure the room where you are smudging is well ventilated. Open all the doors and windows. This is essential to not only drive out the negative energies (provide them with a route out) but also as a health precaution.

Please Do not use it if you suffer from Asthma or have respiratory issues. Do not use near infants or young children or anyone who is or may be pregnant. Do not leave burning smudge unattended! If you are just starting out with smudging don't be too worried about which instructions are 'correct' or 'work best'. Do what works best for you and 'feels right’ for you. Your 'intention' is a key component of the ritual so be clear on what you want to achieve and keep that in mind as you perform the ritual. At the end of the ceremony make sure the stick is extinguished. You can crush the end in sand, dirt, or abalone shell, place the cover of the pot over it or simply place the stick in the open water container. Just be sure the stick is extinguished before it is left.



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