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Grand Rising Kimono

Grand Rising Kimono

We are bringing you vibes upon vibes in our Grand Rising Kimonos. Based on tradition Kimono's are typically worn for ceremony. We want you all to practice ceremonial practices when it comes to your self care and self love. (If you want to learn more about the tradition of Kimono's, scroll down to the Tradition tab.)


The energy we’re giving, is enlightenment, awakening, zen, and confidence... Just because you embody the vibrations of OHM doesn't mean you can’t look good and be cozy. You can wear your Kimonos with any look as long as you use the energy of looking good to feel good and vice versa. 


Our Kimonos come in a variety of colors. (Please choose color carefully). 


Each Kimono is handmade and made with 100% cotton.


Size: One size fits all


Please read shipping information to learn about how your item is being blessed in a Sage Me Down ceremony before being sent.


Machine wash and dry (Delicate) 

Hand wash if possible

Do not bleach

Iron low

Wash cold for longer use



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