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Hand Carved Selenite Moon

Hand Carved Selenite Moon

Hand carved moon shaped selenite!

Benefits of selenite: The selenite is believed to promote spiritual development. Selenite is a protective stone. It has healing properties and has the ability to remove blocks and negative energy. Selenite somes off as a silky Crystal, lending its visual apparel with unity and consciousness through the crown Chakra. Tether to higher self and the divine. This crystal can be used as a charging plate for other crystals and herbs.


Please note that all crystals have natural variation in color - your crystal may look a little different from the picture shown. 


Please read shipping information to learn about how your item is being blessed in a Sage Me Down ceremony before being sent. 


This item is delicate please handle with care

Color will change over time especially in the sun (natural crystal)

Make sure to charge crystal over time (leave out in sun or full moon)

Make sure to cleanse crystal over time (sage, palo santo, yerba santa, and/or bless crystal)



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