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Jade Bracelet

Jade Bracelet

Take the healing properties of crystals with you everywhere! Please choose the bracelet you want by the type of crystal.


Crystal Beaded Bracelets are a great way to keep the protective and healing vibrations of the crystals with you at all times. These are perfect as a gift for a friend or loved one.


Jade is believed to attract good luck and is a symbol of serenity. It signifies wisdom gathered through tranquility. Jade is said to be a protective stone that helps bring insightful dreams and helps stabilize one's personality. Whether you are looking for a little luck or something to remove toxins from your body, give Jade a try!


*Natural Stone: various green tones are present with hints of white.


*This listing is for one bracelet only* 


Chakra: Heart


Zodiac: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Libra


Element: Earth


Planet: Mercury


Other Jade Benefits:

*helps release negative thoughts

*helps increase love and nurturing

*helps promote self-sufficiency

*helps stimulate ideas


Did you know that some use Jade to assist with fertility? Jade is believed to help remove toxins and to assist the body's filtration and elimination organs. Science has taught us that females struggle to conceive when they are over stressed and in undesirable conditions. 


Please read shipping information to learn about how your item is being blessed in a Sage Me Down ceremony before being sent.


This item is delicate please handle with care

Color will change over time especially in the sun (natural crystal)

Make sure to charge crystal over time (leave out in sun or full moon)

Make sure to cleanse crystal over time (sage, palo santo, yerba santa, and/or bless crystal)


Crystal Type

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