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Anii Cooper

Content Creator | Healer | Creative Director | Communication Specialist

Meet Anii Cooper, the founder of Sage Me Down. She is a creative director, content creator, and healer with a creative soul rooted in Brooklyn, New York . She is NAVY veteran who has a background in luxury retail and a BA in Communication Studies with a concentration in interpersonal and intercultural communication studies. Anii has always had a desire to inspire others from a young age which is why she carries such a multifaceted approach to life. Her healing journey began with content creation, using social media platforms to give advice and share her everyday life in hopes that it would inspire others. Her content creation/healing journey became serious during her military service, which led to intense spiritual elevation. The big moment happened when Anii decided to leave the military because she felt a strong calling to help and heal others. That's when she started Sage Me Down, a creative wellness studio that has changed and grown over time. Anii wears many hats as a healer, creative director, writer, communication specialist and content creator, utilizing her diverse skill set to empower and uplift others. From crafting insightful advice videos to delivering captivating tarot readings, facilitating transformative workshops, and offering consciously crafted creative direction. Anii's commitment to healing takes center stage. Rooted in Afro-Latina/Caribbean wisdom, her work transcends visuals, creating a holistic experience that touches minds, bodies, and souls. 

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