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 photography experience:

Anii has been taking photos since she was a young child. Every couple of years her parents would support her by buying her a camera as a creative outlet for her to capture things she loved. She never knew how much this love and support was activating her talents. Anii never had a platform to share her photography until sites like Myspace and Tumblr came about. She used those platforms to capture things she saw, herself, family, and friends. After some years, her eye for “aesthetic” caught the attention of many. 


Anii is a self taught photographer. What makes her unique is that all her photos come to life through editing with her iphone. Yeah, she is like the Steve Lacy of photography. She uses photography to capture a story, a mood, and a vibe. Her passion for capturing has landed her shoots with brands like The Drop of Sunshine, The Ladie Plug, Alien NYC, Mon3yMaid, and more. She has also worked with several influencers, models, and content creators.