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Law of Attraction: You are what you say you are!

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

“You are what you say you are!”

MANIFESTATION: (I don't own the rights to this photo)

What do I mean by this? What I mean by this is the words “I’m sick, I can’t, I won’t, I’m broke, I’m sad and etc” are all basic NO NO’s of manifestation. You’re literally putting negative energy in the world that is interfering with your positive law of attraction. By saying those simple words you have now become just that!

Some of you maybe completely confused like what’s the Law of Attraction?

So I’ll explain, the law of attraction is the belief; that by focusing or vocalizing positive or negative thoughts a person can bring positivity or negativity to their life.

Now that we know that we can dissect the law of attraction a little bit further.

We are all divine beings we all possess divine powers we just have to unlock them from within. Manifestation is a power that genuinely works and so many people can tell you that. There are movies/books like the secret that exposes the power of the law of attraction. However, some of you may not have learned about this or those of you that have are still confused on the specifics so this is why I’m here to break it down the best way I can.

So here we go, you know those random thoughts like “I want hot chocolate” and you end up getting hot chocolate or “ I wish I had some money right now” and you end up finding a quarter on the floor, well these are not by coincidence. These are great examples of law of attraction. However, don’t go thinking you can manifest overnight it takes constant action, severe thought, and focus to get there.

Also sometimes when you manifest it may not always happen in the best way. For example you “wanting hot chocolate” could come in the form of getting hot chocolate spilled on you or you “wanting money” could come in the form of you getting in a car accident and getting a lawsuit settlement. So this is why I say it comes with true focus, thoughts, and action.

Manifestation or the law of attraction takes you being open spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. It takes you knowing that you have the power to attract things into your life. This is why when we were kids we were always taught to “think before you speak.” Literally our thoughts can manifest things into our lives by itself but when it comes to our voice that’s something even bigger. These little lessons we’ve been learning all of our lives are bigger than you think as they were passed down generation to generation. That “think before you speak” It truly matters! So remember guys take this knowledge with caution!

Although we take caution we must remember that the law of attraction is a beautiful thing with the right intentions people are able to manifest healings, relationships, prosperity, love and so much more. That’s the key, your intentions matter and that’s the root to prospering. There is no right or wrong in doing this nor is there a specific way to do it. Honestly, It all comes from within. So breathe, focus and manifest!

The notebook (I don't own the rights to this photo)

Different ways I manifest:

  • Praying/Chanting

  • Writing my thoughts, wants, goals, and aspirations on paper

  • Meditation

  • Constantly repeating my wants, goals and aspirations in my head

  • Constantly repeating my wants, goals and aspirations out loud

  • Focusing my thoughts

  • Crystal work

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