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How to prepare for a new moon

Hey Anii Gang,

A lot of you guys are often intrigued by my spirituality, my practices, and my connections to the divine. So many of you want to start practicing or at least getting familiar with your stream of consciousness, however, you just don't know where to start. This is what Sage me down is for, to help guild you during your path of transformation.

Moon | Photo taken by: Anii Cooper

Little by little I give you guys pieces to this big puzzle we call the universe. So let's focus on one piece today, "How to prepare for a new moon?" I'll break it up into pieces; what a new moon is, what's the spirituality behind it, and why do we do rituals. Hopefully, I can give you guys more clarity and guidance that helps you all.

So let's begin with "What is a new moon?" In astronomy, a new moon is the first lunar phase. It is the beginning of what astronomer's call a lunar cycle (The different phases of the moon). This is when the moon is working heavily with the sun. You''ll probably know when it's a new moon because the moon is full yet invisible to us here on earth, everyone's posting on instagram and there is tremendous amount of energy! Most people all over the world understand that the New moon is a very important time.

At this point in time you'll see all the "woke" people or the hippies talking about preparing for the new moon or the rituals they are going to do. However, I'm sure your probably confused on why they are preparing or what's so special about it? (Otherwise, you probably wouldn't be checking out this post right?) NO WORRIES, I GOTCHU!

The new moon is so special because this is the time of new beginnings. Most people wait for new years but you literally have so many transformative opportunities to renew yourself throughout the year, especially due to the moon! New moon's are time for transformation and manifestations. This is the time to set your intentions and to share out loud what your goals are.

If you don't know by now but nature is one of the biggest ways of connecting to the divine no matter what religion or culture you are. We all have access to this spiritual process because that's exactly what it is "spirituality." It's something that I personally think is oh so magical!

Now that we determined what a new moon is and the spiritual context of it, let's talk about preparing for it. Yes we can sit there and just speak to the universe and manifest like we do on the daily but this is time when the energy is intense so you just wanna be clear on your intensions.

Think about it this way, most of know that the ocean waves are due to the moons gravitational pull. As "humans" we are what like 70-80% of water right? The moon as been guiding us all along. Pushing and pulling us in directions to help guide us along this path called life. The universe in general when it comes to the whole astrology system, gravity, behaviors and etc. So if the moon prepares every couple of days to give you all of this big energy, shouldn't we do the same when it basically "rebirth's?" At least that's how I look at it. *shrugs*

When you prepare for a new moon you this is a time where you can create a ritual that really speaks to you and make you feel at peace. Everyone's rituals are different so I'm just going to share mine so maybe it gives a starter kit on what to do during this time.


11/18 > Jupiter is in Sagittarius, New moon: Scorpio

How I prepare for a new moon

  1. I usually like to have a clean home or environment, it's like the same context as new years; "How you start is how you'll continue."

  2. I like to sage my home down and give thanks to our creator. Smudging sage is a way to get a positive flow back into the home. While I sage, I ask for things like; protection, happiness, good health, wealth, financial abundance, and etc for me, my lover, our family, and friends.

  3. I like to light incense and candles around the house because I feel like when you focus on your senses it's easier for your body to become aligned and this is important when you're dealing with massive energy like a "New moon!"

  4. Once I feel the home is in good energy, I need good vibes so I turn on a frequency for the occasion. (Music frequencies contain something called hertz. At certain levels different hertz are good for different vibrations like love, creativity, uplifting and etc.)

  5. I like to take a nice spiritual bath. The moon is very connected to water so emerging in a nice bath or shower is connecting you even further to the moon. (You guys I always post and talk about these if you want more info on how I do them comment below!)

  6. After my spiritual bath I feel like it's time to use my crystal energy. Most people like to make moon grids out of crystals and flowers to really connect to their intentions. I have just recently started getting into grids and I think it's so fascinating.

  7. Once that's set up it's time for me to meditate and manifest into the universe. If I'm not at a point of meditation or if I just want to do both, it's nice to take time to write in my journal my intentions, feelings, things I am letting go and my future goals.

  8. Last but not least, after all this is done I just spend time looking into the sky and just feeling pure appreciation and gratitude for my life, this universe and my full being. No matter how hard it gets that's always an extremely important part.

Appreciation | Photo taken by: Jalessa Montague

I hope you guys enjoyed reading about the new moon and how I prepare for it. I hope it gave some guidance to those of you who had no idea and some extra tips for those who needed help on their rituals. Please continue to support by sharing these post, commenting feedback, and by loving/ taking care of yourself. That last one is the most important to me because then I know I'm doing my job as a healer, as a "influencer," and as a spiritual being.

Thank you guys so much for your love and support. Peace and Harmony be onto you!

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3 comentários

18 de ago. de 2021

Thankss for posting this


Anii Cooper: Creator
Anii Cooper: Creator
13 de nov. de 2018

No problem, I’m glad I could help you for this new moon and the future one step to come!


Kia Edgehill
Kia Edgehill
12 de nov. de 2018

Thank you so much for this. Much needed.

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